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Thanks to all of you who have checked in so far and your comments and advice. I’m hoping that we can turn all this into a bit more of a conversation with your comments and observations. In fact, to all of you who shared these experiences and adventures, please feel free to contribute your anecdotes, stories, observations or corrections of my observations. I’ll post them here or link to another site.

Meanwhile especially for my Spanish speaking friends is
Patanjali’s Circus parts 1 & 2 with Rafa’s artwork but this time it’s El Circo de Patanjali and the text is in Spanish - including the short intro to my friend Patrick Watson! This translation is courtesy of a number of friends, who I’ll credit as soon as my memory kicks in… Read More...

An Update

I’ve added a number of things today, including the ability to leave comments on each page of the blog. Please do. I think I’ve fixed the video of Silo so please take a look at the 13-04-18 entry: Silo and Liberation. Let me know if that works for you. Read More...

Patanjali part 2

This is the second instalment of Patanjali’s Circus, along with another doodle courtesy of R. Edwards. If you can’t find it by just scrolling down the page. You can find it as a blog entry for 13-04-19 or just search for it by name (it’s tagged as Patanali). After all the instalments are posted here you’ll be able to find a full copy on the website under “stories”. Read More...

your feedback

Hello I’m adding on the ability for you to leave comments on these blog postings. Please do. Diversity and differences of opinion are very welcome. If however your an asshole or your post is totally out of theme you will be deleted (see my note under the heading “writingon the webpage “more about this site”).

I’ll also try to keep you up to date on the material added directly to the website (not on the blog). There will be a lot of new stuff in the near future.

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Patanjali's Circus

Below you will find the first part of an anecdote that was written in the fall of 1988. It describes events that occurred around the occasion of The Russian Academy of Science presenting Silo with an honorary degree. You can read the talk he gave on that occasion here. Along with the various instalments of this story you’ll find illustrations by my friend and co-conspirator, Rafael Edwards.

After Silo read these anecdotes I received a number of requests for copies from friends to whom he had mentioned them. Hence, the Spanish translation which was a deeply flattering gift from some of my friends who thought it worth their trouble to render into another language, something I know from much experience is never an easy task.

Through the usual mechanism, of friends forwarding things to friends, a short manuscript with four of these anecdotes reached Karen Mulhallen a scholar, and writer as well as publisher of Descant , a Canadian journal of the arts. Karen suggested I submit it for consideration and the editors were kind enough to ask if they might publish a representative sample. They chose A Birthday Dream, which I’ll republish here eventually.

When A Birthday Dream was published in Descant a , the same prologue was included. And so to continue that tradition I include it here:

Hello Patrick:

Here’s a couple of things that I hope you will find interesting, at least in respect to their content—if not their form. I haven’t circulated these writings very much and you will see why if you look through them. It’s not just that I don’t think the writing will pass muster—they are both goofy and klutzy. It’s also that I don’t need a bunch of people wondering about my sanity. I guess for both those reasons no one but Donna and the kids have read all of these tales, until now.

I know that you are not too fond of Borges but I will quote him anyway. It will let me setup what this is not about, as well as supplying some missing literary veneer. That old blind librarian
says: “…There is no satisfaction in telling a story as it actually happened. We have to change things, even if we think them insignificant; if we don’t, we should think of ourselves not as artist but perhaps as mere journalists or historians…”

So let me be very clear, what follows then are not, as Borges would have it, stories. These are merely a few anecdotes that, I believe, hold a certain; lets call it, psychological interest. Perhaps I should title them something like: “notes toward a psychopathology of everyday life”.

These anecdotes are in chronological order (with one exception that I’ll explain when we get there). They all involve some distortion of perception, or drastic change in perspective. In the first example the change is evidently spatial.

If these were literary works I’d edit them to make them more straightforward and less pretentious. But it is not a work of fiction and so…

Patanjali’s Circus Part I


Silo and Liberation

To get things started you’ll find along with this blog entry a number of things that I hope will entice you to continue checking back here.Over the next weeks I hope to be putting up a lot of material, with the exception of the material I’ll link to, the text is mostly mine , the photos and video clips are mainly mine, while the illustrations are almost certainly those of my co-conspirator Rafael Edwards. Rafael Edwards’ participation in this very personal website is no accident. We have been friends since the first day in 1974 when he began his North American sojourn. Besides our longstanding friendship we also have a number of overlapping interests and joint creative projects. A few years back during the filming of Sage of the Andes he was kind enough to act as production designer, artist, counsellor, companion on the road and friend. Perhaps he will be able to add some interesting “making of” stories, he certainly has many wonderful photos of all that.

join the conspiracy

Join the Conspiracy
To my friends and visitors, I hope you find something of interest here. If you do, your participation, comments, additions, corrections and advice, are most welcome. Since, English is not the first language of so many of you, I regret that, for the moment at least, almost all of the material I’ll post is in English. However, there are bits and pieces, which friends have been kind enough to translate into other languages (mostly Spanish). Where I can I’ll post those as well. Read More...


  1. The accompanying website will include...

-My memoirs: how I found myself here

-Someone else’s memoirs: My encounters with Silo. A collection of more or less random memories and musings involving Silo and his message.

-Turning Points: Other moments in my life where things went one way when they easily could have gone another. Like the time my enraged friend Krag held a knife to my throat while musing aloud on why he should kill me. Interestingly, I read about the surge in knife fights and stabbings and it wasn’t until now that I realized I was at least once almost killed with a knife and worse, at least once I almost killed someone with one.

- Anecdotes about Silo and his teaching

-Fictions and Factions: anecdotes, stories, etc

-and more

This blog will include...