Principle 3 Well Timed Action 1

Principle of Valid Action 3, First Week

This month we will take as a subject of meditation “
The Principle of Well-Timed Action” it says: “Do not oppose a great force. Retreat until it weakens than advance with resolution.” It can be found with the other Principles of Valid Action in chapter Xlll of the book The Inner Look by Silo.
We will spend the next weeks considering, and discussing this principle and its implications, whether, and in what ways, it can be useful. We will look at how I applied it or could have applied it in the past, how it might apply in my current situation, how I imagine it might in the future. 

principle 3


Big Questions Part 4: Shit for Brains

Shit for Brains or,
Big Questions part 4 Who Am I? Who Is What?

Who gives a shit? You might, and if you don’t… well perhaps that calls for a faecal transplant. That’s right a shit transplant. It sounded pretty far out when the subject first came up, but before getting into that let me recap:



Principle 2 Action and Reaction 3

Principle of Valid Action 2, third week
   This week we are continuing with our considerations about principle #2 from chapter 13 of the book (The Inner Look). It is called the “The Principle of Action and Reaction” and says: When you force something towards an end you produce the contrary.”

This week let’s consider future situations and try to imagine how this principle might be applied, what utility it might have, and what possibilities or difficulties it might hold in the situations we know (or imagine) are facing us.

In the conversations at last weeks meeting people shared a number of interesting examples, reflections and questions about how we saw this principle when we focused on event in our past. I’m sure that will be true this week as well when considering all this in terms of the future. 

All of this is not just to understand this principle of valid action more deeply but also to begin to reflect more deeply about our daily behaviour. Can I transform these principles from platitudes into a way of encountering my life, into a dynamic meditation that I can practice at every moment.

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