Language and Monkey biz

I just changed some elements of the layout of this site. It’s all an attempt to shift things to more of a blog driven site then a website driven blog… or something like that. Anyway the idea is to emphasize the ongoing transient (and yes, fragmentary) nature of the blog postings. It’s as if they were moments when something passes into the central focus of the consciousness and use the rest of the website more as the memory or co-presence.

Hope that’s not too high falutin. For my non-native English speaking friends lets just say that is a word meaning something like pretentious, pompous or arrogant. But what’s important is that Its part of a family of words that could include: hoity-toity, and bon ton. It’s the kind of thing we might associate with the “discourse” of alchouetes.

For some thoughts on a term from my own personal glossary (idolect) check out Monkey biz in the body of this entry.