where did i put that memory

Yesterday Mark Lesseraux and I were going back and forth on the comments section to a Jan. 2014 entry here.

The subject wove about the relation between intoxicating substances and access to unusual mental spaces. Our conversation spilled over both to Facebook and email.

I’d like to share a little of it with you.

At one point we took a sharp turn to the questions of history, William James, translation of impulses, the state specific nature of memory (like when a dream that was so vivid it scared you, vanishes from your memory even before you open your eyes) etc.

Here’s some of our correspondence and a little something Mark sent me. Read More...

coincidence and meaning

About a year ago, I said I’d post some thoughts on Poe, Precognition and Literature. But strange coincidence... I didn’t do that.

That might not be a coincidence but how about this: Divorce rates and margarine consumption correspond exactly. For this and other, perhaps meaningless, coincidences check out
Spurious Correlations

and that’s just the start...


Filming about cats

In keeping with the idea of including filmmaking stuff in this mix. Here’s a bit about my latest expedition to the wilds of Washington DC and Philadelphia as part of the making of our documentary The Lion in Your Living Room: a natural history of the domestic cat.