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Principle 9, first week
I find this principle astoundingly audacious. I love how, with a small handful of words, it challenges me, not only to rethink my ideas about morality, and ethics but also my relationship to others, the world, and myself. Another exciting thing is how it raises all these issues about the principles themselves, their purpose, how to use them, etc. That’s a lot of stuff — on top of the practical wisdom present by the principle even reading it in the simplest terms. Why do I say all this? I’ll try to clarify that a bit in the current document, and in the following weeks. For now let’s recap for those unfamiliar with what all the fuss is about.

First time here? Then you should know…
Every month we focus one of the 12 Principles of Valid Action. These acan be found in Chapter 13 of the book, The Inner Look. Each week we look at a different aspect of that principle. This week’s principle is #9, The Principle of Liberty” it says: “When You Harm Others You Remain Enchained, But If You Do Not Harm Anyone You May Freely Do Whatever You Want”.

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Rafael Edwards

We take the time to think and talk about each principle, not just in order to understand it in itself, but also to begin to reflect more rigorously about our behaviour. These principles, or guidelines, or however you think of them are elements that we can form into a discipline which can be practiced at every moment and in every circumstance. They are a kind of dynamic meditation. With time and application these efforts will give all my activities a particular tone, mood, and mental direction. Our goal is to weave these general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life.