pavlov and sacred space

Filming in Israel, site of so much concentrated faith, violence, hope and despair – no wonder I found myself ruminating on the question of sacred space. A theme close to the heart of all us involved with the Siloist Parks of Study and Reflection.

In that state I stumbled across this article, which made a connection between “place” and the mind/body response. I found it very thought provoking and so I mentioned it on Twitter @dzuckerbrot :

Science, the Spiritual and Vaccines

In the last couple of days I have received some comments and information from friends in different parts of the planet. Bruno Pezzuto, from chile sent me this article about the intoxicated dolphins (see my Jan 2 posting) for Spanish speakers. And David Andersson sent me this article about new research on the function of sleep.

These articles, and my Jan 3rd posting regarding the spatial registers of emotion in the body draw on recent scientific and medical research. I was going to post an entry about some of Silo’s ideas regarding science and siloism but the last few days has also seen some of our friends circulating (apparently with approval) an article on the evils of vaccination programs. Read More...