Un Sueño de Cumpleaños Part 4

And here’s the th and final instalment of Un Sueño de Cumpleaños
with Rafa’s doodles of course.

Hopefully the technical problems that caused the loss of the last few postings are resolved. The highly technological fix I came up with is to save and backup more frequently. In any case I reposted the deleted postings as best I can. So if you read further you’ll find the 4th and final instalment of A Birthday Gift.

More soon... I hope

Un Sueño de Cumpleaños Part 3

Same as the previous but the Spanish version.

Un Sueño de Cumpleaños Part 2

Lots of new stuff and links to lots more. 2nd part of A Birthday Dream. And more.

Unfortunately Isa you’ll have to wait a little longer for the promised continuation.

I apologize for the delay in updating but I’ve been on the road quite a bit working on our latest CBC production (
A Dog’s Life for The Nature of Things). Roberto Verdecchia’s film on Alzheimer’s which we have had the pleasure of producing. We have some other films in development but more about them in some future update.

and another instalment in Spanish of
Un sueño de cumpleaños .

Thanks again to Rafa for pix and comments and to H. and other anonymous and semi-anonymous friends who have contributed to this site in so many ways.

more stuff coming soon including material on synchronicity and other weird shit…..

Meanwhile...

Un Sueño de Cumpleaños (en Español)

And here’s the anecdote Un sueño de cumpleaños (in Spanish obviously)


news and El Circo de Patanjali 1 y 2

Thanks to all of you who have checked in so far and your comments and advice. I’m hoping that we can turn all this into a bit more of a conversation with your comments and observations. In fact, to all of you who shared these experiences and adventures, please feel free to contribute your anecdotes, stories, observations or corrections of my observations. I’ll post them here or link to another site.

Meanwhile especially for my Spanish speaking friends is
Patanjali’s Circus parts 1 & 2 with Rafa’s artwork but this time it’s El Circo de Patanjali and the text is in Spanish - including the short intro to my friend Patrick Watson! This translation is courtesy of a number of friends, who I’ll credit as soon as my memory kicks in… Read More...