Science, and reflections triggered by Tony's Book

Having posted all this science related stuff I really feel the need to comment on my understanding of the limits and power of science, as well as on the relation between and science and spirituality in general, and science and Siloism in particular. However, even more than I want to do that I want to tell you about a friend’s new book and why it got me really a bit pissed off (because of something it put me in mind of, not because of the book). But first let me just say that, it seems some people are dubious when it comes to certain kinds of experiments especially those in the “soft” fields like sociology and psychology (the kinds of things I’ve been referencing here). And I must admit I’m one of them. Questionable experimental design, over interpretation of results based on small sample size, etc. etc. often lead to highly questionable results even when dressed up in their scientific best.

I recently had the, almost unmitigated, pleasure of reading Tony Robinson’s new autobiography, Coffee with Silo: and the quest for meaning in life (Tony has generously made it freely available and you can get a copy here).

coffee with silo sir tony robinson
Tony’s Book. No, not this Tony Robinson, even though they are both Brits. Read More...