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Join the Conspiracy
To my friends and visitors, I hope you find something of interest here. If you do, your participation, comments, additions, corrections and advice, are most welcome. Since, English is not the first language of so many of you, I regret that, for the moment at least, almost all of the material I’ll post is in English. However, there are bits and pieces, which friends have been kind enough to translate into other languages (mostly Spanish). Where I can I’ll post those as well. Read More...


  1. The accompanying website will include...

-My memoirs: how I found myself here

-Someone else’s memoirs: My encounters with Silo. A collection of more or less random memories and musings involving Silo and his message.

-Turning Points: Other moments in my life where things went one way when they easily could have gone another. Like the time my enraged friend Krag held a knife to my throat while musing aloud on why he should kill me. Interestingly, I read about the surge in knife fights and stabbings and it wasn’t until now that I realized I was at least once almost killed with a knife and worse, at least once I almost killed someone with one.

- Anecdotes about Silo and his teaching

-Fictions and Factions: anecdotes, stories, etc

-and more

This blog will include...