Principle 3 Well Timed Action 5

Principle of Well Timed Action. Week 5

The Principle of Well-Timed Action” says: “Do not oppose a great force. Retreat until it weakens than advance with resolution.” We’ve spent the last few weeks examining some of the implications of this principle. We’ve thought about how it applied to situations in our past, and how it could apply today, and in the future. What follows is a personal and more wide-ranging reflection on my own attempts to transform the principles from slogans to a way of facing life.

A personal confession:
Principles as Platitudes 
Some 40 years ago I was walking with a friend to a favourite bookshop. Just at the entrance was a notice board, posted among the announcements of things like, rooms for rent, cooking classes, and yoga courses was an odd looking sign. It consisted of a diagram indicating how certain ideas and experiences could interact resulting in new comprehensions. I didn’t really get it, but it caught my eye. Even more interesting to me was the list that followed under the heading “The Principles”. There I read those same principles of valid action that we reflect on each week. They seemed so simple and obvious, but also intriguing and somehow powerful. One of them seemed to speak to me most powerfully since it seemed to apply so well to a situation I needed to deal with.  It was subject of our current meditations the Principle of Well-Timed Action.

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