Principle 11 Opposites 2

Principle 11, second week
This month we are focusing on principle #11 It is also called “The Principle of the Negation of Opposites” it says: “It does not matter in what faction events have placed you what matters is for you to understand that you have not chosen any faction.”

Last week we looked at some general impressions about this principle. This week we’ll focus on how we could have applied it in the past. In following weeks we’ll turn to how we might apply it in the present and future.

I find the best way to approach these kind of considerations is concretely — that means that this week I’ll take a look at the principle and try to discover at least one situation where applying the principle made or could have made a difference in the outcome of events, or at least how I felt about that outcome.


This is the “rabbit-duck” it’s an ambiguous image that became widely known through the philosopher Wittgenstein’s use of it in his book Philosophical Investigations. He used it as an illustration in a discussion about seeing.