I don’t know when you last looked but even if it was pretty recently I bet there’s a lot of new stuff up here. Besides the weekly blog entries on the principles there’s other stuff, including a rather too long entry under the menu heading stories and the sub-heading plot summaries you’ll find a rather too long summary of a story with the redundant title Virtually: A Story.

I’m not really satisfied by the story structure. I think it deserves a much shorter, more concise presentation. I say deserves because my feeling, so many years after writing my notes for this tale, is that the essential ideas are interesting and even important but I’ve sort of “buried the lead” as the journalists say. There’s so much going on that its essence might have gotten lost. Read More...

your feedback

Hello I’m adding on the ability for you to leave comments on these blog postings. Please do. Diversity and differences of opinion are very welcome. If however your an asshole or your post is totally out of theme you will be deleted (see my note under the heading “writingon the webpage “more about this site”).

I’ll also try to keep you up to date on the material added directly to the website (not on the blog). There will be a lot of new stuff in the near future.

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