Principle 5 Acceptance 4th Week

Principle 5, fourth week

Each month we have been considering one of the 12 Principles of Valid Action, as they appear in Chapter 13 of the book, The Inner Look. This month we are considering principle  #5 called  “The Principle of Acceptance ” it says: “If day and night summer and winter are well with you, you have surpassed the contradiction”

This week we will focus on the future, i.e on: how I might be able to apply this principle in the next hours, days, weeks, etc. Behind (or as we like to say, “copresent” with this effort I am always trying to amplify our vision of how I can turn the Principles into a dynamic meditation, that is into a practice I can apply at every moment of my life. That’s very different than understanding the principles as rules, or a moral code. I understand them rather as signalling a mental direction; a path away from contradiction, away from being at war with myself, away from internal violence and toward internal unity, toward internal peace, vital force and the joy that comes from facing an open future .