Principle 6 Pleasure 2

Principle 6, Second week

But before  we do that, just a reminder….
June 17-19, A number of our friends from Toronto will be going to Hudson Valley Park of Study and Reflection in NY for a workshop and a visit. Want to join us? Let me know if want more info.
principle of pleasure,  says: “If you pursue pleasure, you enchain yourself to suffering. But as long as you do not harm your health, enjoy without inhibition when the opportunity presents itself.”  Principle #6 of the Principles of Valid Action, from chapter 13 of Silo’s, The Inner Look

This week we continue with our ongoing practice of focusing on one of the 12 Principles of Valid Action each month. Over the next three weeks we considering various aspects of the
principle  of pleasure. It is interesting to remember that the key thing is that these principles, or guidelines, or however you think of them, is that they are elements that we can form into a discipline which can be practiced at every moment and in every circumstance. They are a kind of dynamic meditation. With time and application these efforts will give all my activities a particular tone, mood, and mental direction.  Our goal is to weave these general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life.