Principle 1 Adaptation 2

Evolution or Apocalypse
Is the cat going up or down the stairs? And the people In M.C. Escher’s drawing?


Principle 1 second week
The Present

This week
Each Month we reflect on the implications, and applications on an aspect of  one of the 12
Principles of Valid Action as they appear in chapter 13 of Silo’s book The Inner Look. This week we will examine how Principle  #1 “The Principle of Adaptation”  might be applied (or not) to my present situation. This principle teaches that: “To go against the evolution of things is to go against yourself.”

A dynamic meditation to practice in every moment.
We carry out this reflection, not just to understand this principle of valid action more deeply, but also to begin to reflect more rigorously about our behaviour. Can I see how the Principles might be woven into a discipline that I can practice at every moment of my life, in a kind of dynamic meditation? As always we should remember the Principles are not meant as isolated bits of wisdom, any more than they’re meant as morals. They are part of a dynamic meditation, a discipline that you can practice in every moment of your life. They are principles, general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life.

Coherence: Unity and Contradiction
However, the principles are not simple. It’s wrestling with them that elevates them from being a set of platitudes and transforms them into a key for transforming your life. Remember they are not meant as the basis for one more external morality. The principles are guidelines, the indicator one is looking for is not agreement with some code or set of rules, it is in the register produced in me: does it move me towards greater unity or contradiction? Do I feel more in agreement with myself, or am I more at war with myself.

Current Situation
This week we are considering how I might apply this principle in my current situations. What are the pressures, challenges, or difficulties that I face? How might this principle apply? What light does it shed on these circumstances? How might it change things and so on? Equally I might consider what the consequences might be of misapplying or ignoring it?