Principle 10 Solidarity 4

Principle 10, fourth week
This month we are focusing on principle #10. It is also called “The Principle of Solidarity” it says: “When You Treat Others As You Would Have Them Treat You, You Liberate Yourself.”

In previous weeks we have looked at the structure of the principle, and how we could have applied it in the past, and in the present.
This week we turn to how it might apply to situations we believe we could face in the future.

capuchin monkeys


Principle 9 Liberty 2

Principle 9, second week
This week’s principle is  #9, 
The Principle of Liberty” it says: “When You Harm Others You Remain Enchained, But If You Do Not Harm Anyone You May Freely Do Whatever You Want”.
I find this principle an easy one to relate to since looking back at my life so far almost the only things I feel bad about, or would change, are situations where (intentionally or not) I hurt others. Even when these events took place so long ago that I almost feel they happened to someone else, after all this time, I feel enchained to those situations.

Why the picture of this monkey? Read on…