Principle 2 Action & Reaction 1

Principle 2, First week
   This month we will take as a subject of meditation #2 from chapter 13 of the book (
The Inner Look). It is also called “The Principle of Action and Reaction” it says: When you force something towards an end you produce the contrary.”

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Rafael Edwards

This Week
We’ll start by focusing on the general structure and implications of the principle. This week’s meeting will give us an opportunity to discuss our thoughts, doubts, questions, and insights about this principle. As always we should remember the
Principles are not meant as isolated bits of wisdom, any more than they’re meant to form a conventional moral code. Rather, they are part of a dynamic meditation, the rudiments of a discipline that you can practice in every moment of your life. They are principles, general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life, aimed in a particular direction.