Principle 12 reflections part 2

This is our second week focusing on Principle 12, also known as the Principle of Accumulating Actions. It says:
”Contradictory or Unifying Acts Accumulate Within You. If You Repeat Your Acts Of Internal Unity Then Nothing Can Detain You."

This week we are asking ourselves how this principle played out (or didn't) in our past. Can I see how my actions in a certain direction accumulated reinforcing or discouraging new actions or a certain direction.

Please remember the Principles are not meant as isolated bits of wisdom, any more than they’re meant as morals. They are part of a dynamic meditation, a discipline that you can practice in every moment of your life. They are principles, general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life.

Here's some personal reflections. I hope they'll assist your own.

Principle 12

Ending the year with Principle 12 from chapter 13 of the book (The Inner Look)

The Principle we chose to consider this week is also called “The Principle of Accumulating Actions”.

It says: “If you repeat your acts of internal unity then nothing can detain you.”

.principle 12 illustration
illustration by Rafael Edwards