Principle 7 Immediate Action 4

Principle 7, fourth week
This week we continue with  “
The Principle of Immediate Action” says: “If You Pursue An End You Enchain Yourself. If Everything You Do Is Realized As An End In Itself You Liberate Yourself.” It is #7 in chapter 13 of the book (The Inner Look).

Since we are revisiting the principles in the same order (i.e. one a month for 12 months) I am once again sending out a revised and updated version of the notes I sent out a year ago.  For the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the overall structure of this principle, how it applied in the past, and how it might be applied in the present. Speaking of applications in the present, one of the comments that came up in our weekly discussion that I found very interesting was about applying this principle to the internal work that we do, the meditation, relax, the experience of peace, work with the force, the ceremonies in general, etc. Trying to apply that insight proved immediately, and notably useful for a number of us. Our focus this week is on how we might use the Principle of Immediate Action  the future.  

Some Personal Reflections
My personal considerations in this note take a different turn. I hope they prove useful fodder for your own reflections.