Principle 2 Action and Reaction 1

Principle 2, First week
Action and Reaction

This Week
The Principle we will work on all this month is the second principle from chapter 13 of the book (The Inner Look). It is also called “The Principle of Action and Reaction” it says: When you force something towards an end you produce the contrary.”

We will spend the next weeks considering this principle and its implications, whether it’s useful, and in what ways. We will look at how I applied it or could have applied it in the past, how it might apply in my current situation, how I imagine it might in the future. All of this is not just to understand this principle of valid action more deeply but also to begin to reflect more rigorously about our behaviour.

Perhaps more than anything the goal of this exercise is to help find a way to weave the
Principles of Valid Action into a discipline that I can practice at every moment of my life, a kind of dynamic meditation, almost like learning a mental martial art – where the ability to get out of your opponents way is highly valued.

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