Principle of Action & Reaction 3

Principle of Valid Action 2. Third week
This week we are continuing with our considerations about principle #2 from chapter 13 of the book (The Inner Look). It is called the “The Principle of Action and Reaction” and says: “When you force something towards an end you produce the contrary.”

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Last week we focused on how this principle played out (or didn't) in our past. We tried situations where I applied, or violated, this principle and about the consequences This week let’s consider present situations and try to imagine how this principle might apply, what utility it might have, and what possibilities or difficulties it might hold in the situations we currently face.

Remember: These are not just exercises to understand this principle of valid action more deeply. They are also a way to start and reflect more deeply about our daily behaviour. It would be interesting to transform these principles from platitudes into a real way of encountering my life, into a dynamic meditation that I can practice at every moment?