Principle 3 Well Timed Action 4

Principle of Well Timed Action. Week 4

The Principle of Well-Timed Action” says: “
Do not oppose a great force. Retreat until it weakens than advance with resolution.” Over the last weeks we have considered how we understand this principle in particular and the principles in general, how this one applies in retrospect (or could have been applied to past events) and how it could be applied in my present circumstances. We’ve also discussed how one might go about a daily meditation on the theme, even to some details of what has proven best (for some of us) in terms of when and for how long such considerations should be carried out (see the notes for Principle 2 week 2). In the weekly meeting people have shared very interesting and insightful examples about situations as diverse as those at work, in relationships and in terms of personal “evolutionary work”.

future

Where am I going?

I see that I got out of order on my comments on this months principle of valid action. Principle 4, the principle of proportion states: Things are well when they move together, not in isolation.

I don’t want to try your (collective or individual) patience so in lieu of additional musings about the principle, I’d simply like to share something that’s been on my