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This is a key concept in Silo’s writings and a great deal of descriptive and practical information can be found in many of his works including the various volumes of Psychology Notes. A reasonable place to start is with this quote from the first volume of those works.
Climates are moods that because of their variability appear intermittently and can envelop the consciousness for a certain period of time, tinting all of the coordinator’s activities. Sometimes climates match the operations that are carried out and concomitantly accompany the coordinator without perturbing it, in which case they facilitate its work. But things do not happen like this, and instead, they create noise. These climates can become fixed in the psychism and perturb the entire structure, impeding mobility and easy displacement of the opportune climates. Fixed climates circulate through the different levels, and in this way they can pass from vigil to sleep, continue there, then return to vigil for a long period of time, reducing the coordinator’s operative freedom,. Another type of climate is the situational climate, which arises and obstructs appropriate responses to specific situations.
Collected Works Vol. 2, Silo Psychology Notes p.15 (online version,

Turning for a moment from the explicitly psychological to the torturously philosophical it is worth checking out Heidegger’s ideas about mood (Stimmung). This from wikipedia:
At the most basic level of being-in-the-world, Heidegger notes that there is always a mood, a mood that "assails us" in our unreflecting devotion to the world. A mood comes neither from the "outside" nor from the "inside," but arises from being-in-the-world. One may turn away from a mood, but that is only to another mood; it is part of our facticity. Only with a mood are we permitted to encounter things in the world. Dasein (a co-term for being-in-the-world) has an openness to the world that is constituted by the attunement of a mood or state of mind. As such, Dasein is a "thrown" "projection" (geworfen Entwurf), projecting itself onto the possibilities that lie before it or may be hidden, and interpreting and understanding the world in terms of possibilities. Such projecting has nothing to do with comporting oneself toward a plan that has been thought out. It is not a plan, since Dasein has, as Dasein, already projected itself. Dasein always understands itself in terms of possibilities. As projecting, the understanding of Dasein is its possibilities as possibilities