G is for

Back in the day (when I first encountered Silo’s teachings) you’d have found a definition in the materials of the time something like this:

1) The struggle of the generations, the foundation of every historical process. 2) A scientific method used for the comprehension of the historical process based on the fact that generations, as they develop, and in their relation to the power system, find themselves in an antagonistic position to each other. Nevertheless, from a broader point of view, this antagonism is resolved in relations of complementation when every coercive apparatus of man over man disappears, and man exercises power only over Nature. The gd is possible within the realm of irrationality and only in the evolutionary step of prehistory that leads to an authentically human history. 3) The gd is a case of the universal law of the new surpassing the old, reflected in the process of man's social evolution.

Siloism by H. Van Doren: Aconcagua Press, 1972