T is for…

Temporal Class
Back in the day (when I first encountered Silo’s teachings) you’d have found in materials of the time something like this:

TEMPORAL CLASS: Just as the social class is characterized by social constituents (especially the means of production), the tc as a psychological concept is characterized by the situation of a group of individuals of the same age in relation to others of different ages. One tc is different to another by its situation, not only in relation to the means of production, but also to the mechanism of power. Thus, a tc. is able to deforce the means of power only in adulthood. The tc of children and of the old are marginal to these mechanisms. The struggling tc. is the one that fights to liberate itself from the conditioning to which it is subject by the tc which has the power.
Siloism by H. Van Doren: Aconcagua Press, 1972