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If a story (as a writing, film, etc) is something that occurs in one dimension perhaps we can think of an interactive game as allowing a second dimension. This Website might be a story told in 3 or 4 dimensions. That is, it might be, depending on what you do. Depending on what I do .

No doubt this is a memoir, but if you take even a quick look you’ll see it’s other things as well. Maybe it’s an invitation. Certainly it’s a testimonial. As for what else it could be, we’ll see…

Buy whatever else it is definitely a work in progress. Things will be added, changed and shift.

This is a multimedia and multidimensional hypertext tale where we’ll meet saints (well my idea of saints) junkies, hustlers, scholars and even the occasional billionaire, world leaders, freaks and just plain folks . We’ll travel from tranquil suburbs to third world slums, from modern megopolis to small villages suspended in time. From the towering Andes to the mysteries still buried in ancient ruins above the Anatolian plain.

Where I’ve used other people’s music, words, photos, etc I’ve tried to get permission, and give credit. Thanks to all of you for your help. If you think I’ve infringed on your rights, or ownership please let me know so we can sort things out.

I can promise you encounters of all kinds. For example, well have encounters with death (both through disease, accident and deliberate violence), and encounters with, some of the poorest, and some of the richest folks on the planet. We’ll meet a few famous folks, lots of interesting ones and, most importantly we’ll hang out with Silo (still at this point the most important unknown person on our little planet). We’ll contemplate seemingly impossible phenomena. Experience things apparently beyond the laws of physics. We’ll travel in both time and space, and generally have a rollicking good time.

Sounds cool right?

I’m almost 60 and I’m just coming round to the idea that there might be something in my life sufficiently interesting or important that I should leave some reflections or at least some kind of record.

But the fact is, through the usual mix of circumstance, compulsion and maybe occasionally even choice, I’ve been witness to some extraordinary things.

I did a film years ago on the critic and scholar Northrup Frye . At one point I came across a quote from him, which if I remember correctly, was that what was interesting in his writing it was William Blake.

I sympathize. Every time I think of writing some of this I end up simply wanting to say: go read Silo. Study what he wrote. But most importantly put it into practice. I don’t know anything better. Like the man said: “Here it speaks of the inner revelation to which all arrive who carefully meditate in careful search.” On the other hand he was always insisting that I should write these things down, and encouraging all of us to share our experiences and our interpretations of those experiences and ideas.