Silo and the liberation

To get things started you’ll find along with this blog entry a number of things that I hope will entice you to continue checking back here.Over the next weeks I hope to be putting up a lot of material, with the exception of the material I’ll link to, the text is mostly mine , the photos and video clips are mainly mine, while the illustrations are almost certainly those of my co-conspirator Rafael Edwards. Rafael Edwards’ participation in this very personal website is no accident. We have been friends since the first day in 1974 when he began his North American sojourn. Besides our longstanding friendship we also have a number of overlapping interests and joint creative projects. A few years back during the filming of Sage of the Andes he was kind enough to act as production designer, artist, counsellor, companion on the road and friend. Perhaps he will be able to add some interesting “making of” stories, he certainly has many wonderful photos of all that.
I’ve often asked if there’s any more footage from Sage of the Andes. And indeed there is, but very little of it. However, I can offer something I think is quite fantastic. There’s no doubt that the most interesting, and the most important, aspect of the film are the interviews with Negro and I tried to include all of that content in the film. However, there are some scenes we couldn’t include because we had to keep the film at a precise length for the broadcaster who had commissioned the project. I’m posting a scene that didn’t make it in, though the ideas do appear in a scene within the film. This is a short scene (a couple of minutes long) of a conversation that we had in a café not far from Negro’s home. It gives a brief but lovely glimpse of some casual home town interaction and quickly passes to some very clear comments about the need for transforming experience.

Click here for a very short but quite lovely clip with Silo. It didn’t make it into my 2008 film Sage of the Andes since we had other takes of the same ideas, some of which formed the second n April 2008,transmission from the Punta de Vacas Park centre of studies under the title The Experience.

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