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My last posting was Paul Tooby’s intriguing writing about a recent experience. It sent me back, as I’m sure it did many of you, to re-read Silo’s Day of the Winged Lion. If you are reading this blog than you probably know it has a deep and unusual connection with me personally.

More about that connection another time… or not; I’m not sure there is any real purpose in going down that road. I’ll take it under advisement.

You’ll soon be able to follow me on twitter, so if you can’t get enough of these musings (?!?!?) or if you simply get bored because of their length you’ll be able to find more and even shorter ones soon at #dzuckerbrot. I’ll let you know when that happens.

I’ve got a number of postings still pending. I had promised something about time, coincidence and literary precognition, a couple of stories and some on-going biographical stuff. I hope to get caught up soon.

Meanwhile I’m wrestling with just how inclusive to make this website. I feel I’ve over thought it (self-censorship) it was intended to include a web of subjects that interest me — just because they interest me. However, in practice I’ve wrestled with what would just be too boring for anyone — even my friends who share some subgroup of those interests..

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Should I include my documentary film stuff (currently in production on a number of fronts – e.g. check out Reel Time Images)? My craft activities both crafts of fire (take a look at Roberto’s blog) and my work on natural dyes, colourings, and tints? What about my various research projects (a few way over due monographs), or things happening on the magic front (for things that have my attention see for example magicana and magic at Luminatio)? What about recipes? My friends recipes?

Of course the question of inclusion is more clearcut for some things more than others. I meant to keep you up to date with a detailed, blow-by-blow on my trip a few weeks ago to Hudson Valley Park for the May 4th celebration on this anniversary of Silo’s first public talk, The Healing of Suffering.

Or the week earlier when Rachel (my daughter) and I went for a weekend long course on working with bees.

So adhering to the notion that its better late then never, here we are:

Why bees? It was an interest that grew out of the convergence of various elements. Among them, the material perspective that corresponds so deeply to the Material Discipline, and the project of reconsidering human history – especially as regards our relationship with the “sacred”. I put sacred in quotes because I don’t want to imply anything beyond referring to that something that has obsessed us, confused us, and relentlessly draws us into the future.

That interest led me to writing this monograph. I had hoped to have 4 hives this summer but it looks like I won’t have the free energy for another project in the next few months!