Pavlov and sacred space

Filming in Israel, site of so much concentrated faith, violence, hope and despair – no wonder I found myself ruminating on the question of sacred space. A theme close to the heart of all us involved with the Siloist Parks of Study and Reflection.

In that state I stumbled across this article, which made a connection between “place” and the mind/body response. I found it very thought provoking and so I mentioned it on Twitter @dzuckerbrot :

Found myself thinking about “sacred spaces” then I read this

Later on Facebook I wrote:
I thought it was an example with relevance for the issues around spaces which are not neutral, and not interchangeable but have real affects on those who connect them. These spaces can be of many types but for example, internal spaces connected with the sacred (as opposed to internal contents) can be projected outside of oneself as sacred spaces. These can have, but do not require, an intersubjective or social dimension. Consider the personal altars, or even those especially magical places familiar to many children (a certain closet, a corner of a garden, a particular tree), etc full of numinous charge.

The apparently very profane examples, of why heroin addicts my overdose in unfamiliar surroundings, or bar patrons get drunker on the same amount of alcohol in unfamiliar bars, casts an interesting light on the very physical nature of these apparently rarified Sacred Spaces.

Still chewing on all this. You?

And what about Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs is their some logic or method to fitting them together so they complement each other?