More Monkey Biz: loneliness

Interesting bit of monkey business. Researchers claim that older adults run a 14% greater chance of premature death if they feel social isolated.

Anyone acquainted with my scribblings or my conversation may well have heard me make use the phrase: monkey business. You can find an entry under monkey business in the glossary section of this website.

I use it to refer to the “mechanical” behaviours that are our biological inheritance from our pre-human ancestors, which underly seemingly rational activities. It covers almost everything given by our biology and our culture.

On the second day of the journey outlined in the Inner LookSilo points out that not only do my thoughts, feelings and actions not depend on me, but even “I” and my desire to change are all dependant on external forces.

Here’s some current research that strikes me as an interesting anecdote to add to that discussion. It seems that they’ve discovered at least one biological mechanism that explains how loneliness can make you ill.