Principle 11 Opposites 4

This week we continue with our reflections on principle #11, “The Principle of the Negation of Opposites”, from chapter 13 of the The Inner Look. It says: “It does not matter in what faction events have placed you what matters is for you to understand that you have not chosen any faction.”

At our next meeting we will look at our experiences of, and considerations about, this Principle and it’s applications. In previous weeks we looked at the principle overall, examples from the past and from our present situations. This week we turn to the future and reflect on how this principle might be applied to situations we see arising.

Next week we will try to apply it and compare results.

Meanwhile, here’s some personal reflections related to this subject. I hope you find them of some use in triggering your own meditations. Sharing your thoughts can be useful both in forcing you to give them some order but also in clarifying, inspiring or infuriating others — even that last can be useful. Please consider sharing your ideas with us at the meeting or in these notes…

What a timely principle. Perhaps it’s always timely. Maybe it’s just because all the principles are always timely. But whatever the case this sure seems worth considering in a word with increasingly virulent factions.

Here’s chapter 4 from The Internal Landscape. Along with The Human Landscape and The Inner Look it forms the book titled Humanize The Earth.

…“If even the most distant star is connected to you, what should I think of the living landscape, where deer slip between ancient trees and even the most savage animals gently lick their offspring? What should I think of the human landscape, where opulence and misery are found side by side, where some children laugh while others cannot even find the strength to cry?

1. For if you say, “We have reached other planets,” you must also declare, “We have massacred and enslaved entire peoples. We have filled our jails with those who cried out for liberty. We have lied from morning until night. We have falsified our thoughts, our affections, and our actions. We have assaulted life at every turn, for we have created suffering.”

2. I know my way in this human landscape, but what will happen if we pass each other going in opposite directions? I renounce every faction that proclaims an ideal higher than life and every cause that, to impose itself, generates suffering. So before you accuse me of not being part of any faction, examine your own hands—you may find on them the blood of complicity. If you believe it valiant to commit yourself to those factions, what will you say of one whom all the murderous bands accuse of being uncommitted? I want a cause worthy of the human landscape: a cause committed to surpassing pain and suffering.

3. I deny the right to make accusations to any faction that, whether recently or long ago, has figured in the suppression of life.

4. I deny the right to cast suspicion on others to any who conceal their own suspicious faces.

5. I deny that anyone, even someone arguing the extreme urgency of present circumstance, has the right to block the new roads that the human being must travel.

6. Not even the worst of what is criminal is foreign to me, and if I recognize it in the landscape, I recognize it also in myself. So it is that I want to surpass what in me as in everyone fights to suppress life: I want to surpass the abyss!

All worlds you aspire to, all justice you demand, all love you search for, all human beings you would follow or destroy are also within you. Everything that changes within you will change your direction in the landscape you inhabit. Thus, if you have need of something new, you must surpass the old that dominates within you.
And how will you do this?
Begin by realizing that even if you change your location, you carry your internal landscape with you.”…

Whatever your opinion, your position, your faction, complete truth and liberty are not there. Complete truth and liberty arise when you realize that you have not chosen any faction.

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