Principle 6 Pleasure 4

Principle 6, fourth week
The week we continue with our exploration of the principle of pleasure, which  says: “If you pursue pleasure, you enchain yourself to suffering. But as long as you do not harm your health, enjoy without inhibition when the opportunity presents itself.”  This is Principle #6 of the Principles of Valid Action, from chapter 13 of Silo’s, The Inner Look

Over the last three weeks we meditated on the principle overall: what it means, how it fits in with the others, etc. We also looked at how we did or didn’t use this principle in previous situations and how we are , or aren’t, applying the principle in the present moment.  This week we turn our focus to the future. It is there, in the times ahead that I hope to reach the desired pleasurable object, person or situation. Even if I seek to re-live, or re-create or re-experience something from my past, it is in the future that I place this hope. And it is in the pursuit of that future pleasure that I become trapped.

By Rafael Edwards

There are certain principles, this is one, that remind me of how radical Silo’s suggestions are. This principle for example draws a limit and defines actions that are, “valid”. It restricts a certain dimension of our freedom saying: you can do things “…if you do not harm your health…” Other principles clarify or add restrictions by saying actions are valid only if they “…treat others as you wish to be treated…” or that “If you do not harm anyone, you are free to do whatever we want.”

That’s a very long way from conventional moral codes, commandments and regulations.

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