Principle 11 Opposites 3 and our meeting

Principle 11, second week
This month we are focusing on principle #11 It is also called “The Principle of the Negation of Opposites” it says:

“It does not matter in what faction events have placed you what matters is for you to understand that you have not chosen any faction.”

Over the last two weeks we looked at some general impressions about this principle as well as how we could have applied it in the past. This week we turn to how we might apply it in the present. Next week we’ll turn to how we might apply it in the present and future.

I find the best way to approach these kind of considerations is concretely — personally my approach is pretty simple, I’ll take a look at the principle and try to discover at least one situation where applying it could make a difference in the outcome (or my understanding) of unfolding events.

Our Weekly Meditation:
Whether you have never been, haven’t been in a while or come almost every week please take this as an invitation to join us at our weekly meeting. It’s open to the public. It’s free. It’s not a club (you don’t have to join or subscribe to any particular belief — except being in favour of nonviolence, non-discrimination, and freedom of beliefs). It’s not a course — you come as sporadically or regularly, as you feel like.

Illustration By Rafael Edwards

A guide to our Weekly Meeting:
We keep our meetings short (less than an hour) but in that time a lot happens. Our gathering usually begins with a short interchange about an aspect of the principle we are considering that week.

The procedure can vary, but in our meeting normally two people familiar with these works volunteer to guide the meditation. One of them will suggest that we become aware of the distractions and tensions that are affecting us in that moment. They do this with three phrases: “My mind is restless. My heart is troubled. My body is tense. Those participating check their situation and respond in kind (assuming it is the case!). This quite naturally leads to the suggestion/affirmation that: “I relax my body, my heart and my mind”. And a few moments is given to do exactly that as best as we can. Outside of the meeting proper, in occasional seminars and workshops, we teach precise techniques that can be applied in this situation. These are designed to relax external muscular tensions, deeper internal tensions and specifically mental tensions.

After this brief relaxation a theme is suggested for consideration. We generally take the Principle of the month. This period is more of a reminder than a deep meditation and it in turn is followed by the experience in many ways at the heart of our meeting. This is a guided meditation that in a very short time can produce a feeling of profound internal peace, connection with a source of internal force or energy, and a growing feeling of joy.

At the end of that work we are invited to clarify what it is we truly need and to ask for that from the deepest part of ourselves. Of course, believers in a particular deity might direct that “asking” to their God, saint or intercessor. For those who do not believe in a God or Gods, the request is delivered to and from the depths of their own being.

Each community of Silo’s Message is autonomous and is free to do things in their own way. In many cases that would be the end of the weekly experience. By common agreement however, our meeting continues for another brief meditation. Having taken this short time to discover Peace, Force and Joy in ourselves we turn our thoughts to those we care about and focus on their needs, and our connection to them. With that the weekly meeting ends. Though often we’ll all go out together, to eat, or just hang out informally for a while.  Having taken this brief time to discover Peace, Force and Joy in ourselves we turn our thoughts to those we care about and focus on their needs, and our connection to them. With that the weekly meeting ends. Though often we’ll all go out together, to eat, or just hang out informally for a while.

Coming up:
More thoughts on this Principle in particular and Silo’s Message in general.

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First time here? Then you should know:
Every month we focus one of the 12 Principles of Valid Action. These can be found in Chapter 13 of the book, The Inner Look. Each week we look at a different aspect of that month’s principle. These principles, or guidelines, or however you think of them, are elements that we can form into a discipline which can be practiced at every moment and in every circumstance. They are a kind of dynamic meditation. With time and application these efforts will give all my activities a particular tone, mood, and mental direction.  Our goal is to weave these general ideas that you can weave together into a coherent style of life.

Since this is our first go at the principle this month I’m sending around a kind of overview on the principle. We can discuss it at this week’s meeting. In the next weeks we’ll consider how we’ve seen this in action in our pasts. We’ll look at how the principle could be applied to our present circumstance and what it might mean for us in future situations..

These considerations about this principle have been drawn from conversations with many people and from materials we created over the years to help illustrate various subjects related to “valid action”. I’m sorry that in most cases I can’t credit specific individuals for their contributions but I will when I can.