Principle 4 Proportion 5 – 2022

Principle 4. Acceptance. Fifth Week.
Things Are Well When They Move Together Not In Isolation.
Last time: wishes and Projects. Get Out Your Pen and Paper.
This Time: Additional considerations.
Illustration by Rafael Edwards
This Week:
Over the last weeks we looked at the general structure of this month’s principle and tried to understand it in general terms. We also looked at how it applied in the past, the present and the future. 
This week from our friend Mani in Berlin, an  interesting graphic presentation of last week’s self-knowledge exercise. You will find it attached here as a pdf.
Game of the Week:
Perhaps after meditating on these general aspects of the principle you can provide us with a new version of the principle, or some aspect of it, and give it a name that captures its essence. 
We started with the name of the principle, i.e. the principle of proportion. We looked at aspects of the principle under different guises, e.g. the principle  of harmony, of team work and as Jorge suggested, the principle of the open hand. Each of these represented a particular focus, and a personal interpretation of the principle. Hopefully such interpretations are useful to others by shedding new light on the ideas, and also by inspiring them to try to join in that game.
Coming up:
Next week: Principle 5, Acceptance. 
“If day and night, summer and winter are well with you, you have surpassed the contradictions.”
Worth Repeating:
In The chapter on Education in The Human Landscape Silo writes about the learning about Harmony. Here’s a paragraph from that section:
“… education should provide the stimulus for emotional comprehension and development. Therefore, in planning an integrated education one should consider exercises in both theatrical performance and other kinds of self-expression, along with the development of skills in harmony and rhythm. The objective of all this is not, however, procedures that claim to “produce” artistic talents, but rather to enable individuals to make emotional contact with themselves and others, thereby avoiding the disorders that are produced by an education based on isolation and inhibition.”
Human Landscape IV:2 __Silo
These principles can become the framework for a dynamic meditation, for a discipline that you can practice in every moment, a way of transforming the very nature of daily life, opening a path of transcendence.
Here, the worldly is not opposed to the eternal.
The Inner Look 1:4 __ Silo
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