Principle 9 Liberty – Week 1.5 – 2022

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 “When You Harm Others You Remain Enchained, But If You Do Not Harm Anyone You May Freely Do Whatever You Want”.
This Week:
I think I may have sent the last mailing out of order. So here’s an addition to hopefully add something to your consideration of the principle for the first week of September. 
This week we’ll be taking a first look at this principle trying to understand its general structure and scope. In the coming weeks we’ll look at how we applied, or could have applied, this principle in the past, how we apply this principle in the present moment, and how we might 
apply it in the future.   
General Considerations and Personal Reflections:
Here are some little stories from our friend Mani in Berlin.
Worth Repeating:
I want to increasingly move toward a situation where I’m not at war with myself, where I can tap into the vital energy to face life’s daily challenges, and where I face the uncertain future joyously.  
The path to learning lies through action and not solely through contemplation.
Coming up:
Next week we’ll continue our considerations of the principle of liberty focusing on how it applied to past situations.
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More to come…