About this site

If you haven’t checked here in a while you’ll discover many things have changed, including this page. There is new material here and even old content has been renewed. For example, if you search around you’ll find some pictures etc have been changed.

Welcome to some fragments of my life… it goes without saying that such peculiar delicacies will not be to everyone’s taste. However, this site is not for them; it is dedicated to the few among my friends, kin and coetaneans who will find at least some bits of interest.

The various areas of this site deal with very different aspect of my life. They are diverse in their focus and point of view but have a couple of things in common; for example, everything here has been posted in order to share tid-bits which I find interesting and/or important with those of like mind.

What’s here:
On occasion friends have encouraged me to write in some depth regarding my understanding of various aspects of Silo’s teaching. You won’t find much of that here, not that such commentaries are without their interest; I for one think there should be more of them. However, I wanted to do something more limited in scope and, to be candid, something less onerous.

Here then are fragments, and anecdotes of all sorts. From my perspective, most importantly anecdotes about my late friend and guide, Silo. Leaving aside the question of the value (aesthetic, practical, etc.) of my writings and films. I think there is something of real value and even urgency in the sharing of anecdotes about Silo by those of us lucky enough to have interacted with him. I hope others, whether they knew him well, or only at a distance, will record theirs as well.

What else you’ll find on this site:
Here, among other things, are anecdotes, fictions, semi-fictions, photos, videos, associative meanderings, reflections, memories, etc. As I said the most interesting of all of this – from my point of view – is the stuff that has to do directly with Silo. However, there are also other themes, fragmented though they may be: biographical fragments (my biography, not his), things about filmmaking, recipes, reviews, and whatever else takes my fancy. You’ll also find links to some of my other (mostly film) projects. But no one’s life is just theirs and so you’ll also find here collaborative projects as well as the work, and wisdom of others.

Another thing that’s true of all of my postings is that I promise to make them as honest as I can. That claim involves a caveat or two which you’ll find below (if you read far enough).

Be Warned (mutatis mutants):
The contents of this site are in a process of nearly continual change. Over time new links are added old pages, text is modified, etc. This is not what you read here before May 18, 2013. As Plato has the dark philosopher tells us: No one steps in the same river twice. Or as the artist Eldon Garnet puts it on this part of his complex of sculptures around this bridge over Toronto’s Don River.

The River you Step in is not the River you Stand in.