P is for...

P is for Peaking

Peaking was (and apparently still is) the term for the most intense part of an “acid trip” usually occurring 3-4 hours after the onset of the drug. https://tripsafe.org/how-long-does-it-take-for-acid-to-kick-in/
All this talk of drugs compels me to add that I started using them when I was during my early teens and stopped taking all drugs except the social use of alcohol by the time I was 17. There were a few exceptions, including but not only, the occasional use of cannabis. However all that ended around the time I encountered Silo’s

P is for Punchline

Punchline or (punch line) is an interesting word (or two). A long delayed punchline is characteristic of the shaggy dog story. More on the word’s meaning, and etymology, can be found here. Sometimes you’ve got to love Wiki technology.