Plot Summaries

Story lines and Plot Summaries.
The titles are mostly working titles and, like so many things, were only meant for my temporary use.

Virtually: a story A tale with a number of, seemingly unrelated, storylines. One of the intertwining subplots is set in a distant part of the universe and begins as we share in an accelerated time lapse view where billions of years of the evolution of life on an alien world are collapsed into a few paragraphs. An intersecting tale is set in a more or less familiar space – perhaps on that distant world, perhaps on ours. The thread of that second story extends over one year. Finally a series of scenarios play out both as tragedies and as uplifting stories.

The Mind War At the height of the Cold War a secret US military program designed to combat Soviet psychic warfare has one small chink in its paranormal armour. The Pentagon’s star psychic seems to be a blatant fraud.

Vampire Hunter A vampire slayer is striking terror into the denizens of the night, or a psycho is killing “goth” kids. Those two visions replace each other as reality twists and turns, the plot thickens – like blood coagulating…

A Dream of Cagliostro The Necklace Affair is told from a novel angle and culminates in the imprisonment and impossible escape of Cagliostro from the Castel Sant’ Angelo.