Visiting Authors

Fernando Aranguiz

Fernando Aranguiz lives in Portland, Oregon. In general, his writings deal with the subject of intuitions, aspirations, internal realities and the existential. They are an expression of a search that has as a general basis in the Message of Silo.

Roberto Verdecchia

Roberto Verdecchia is a documentary TV director/writer, living in Toronto, Canada. From his first introductory meeting to Silo’s ideas, as a teenager, he was hooked. He participates in Silo’s Message and works (and blogs) rather persistently with the Fire Craft.

Paul Tooby

Paul Tooby lives in California near Red Bluff Park of Study and Reflection. Having had the good fortune to encounter Silo’s teachings at a young age, he has since participated in translating and publishing the works of Silo to make them more widely available.